Chakrol the Ocean Hammer
Chakrol book
Vital statistics
Author Adam Blade
Illustrator Artful Doodlers
Published on March 6, 2014
Published by Orchard Books
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Finaria the Savage Sea Snake Skalda the Soul Stealer
Chakrol the Ocean Hammer is the fourth book of Series 3: The Pride of Blackheart (and twelfth book overall) of Sea Quest. It was published on March 6, 2014.


A deadly power struggle threatens the peace of Planet Nemos...

The fight against Cora Blackheart and her crew reaches its thrilling conclusion. As they face the deadly Ocean Hammer, can our heroes deliver justice and restore harmony to the seas?


We reckon – whisper it – that this series might be even more awesome than Beast Quest. After all, it has super-cool gadgets, the Beasts are robotic and it happens on another planet. Now it’s the gripping finale to the third Quest, and Max and Lia are face to face with Chakrol. This is one monster wedefinitely wouldn’t want to go for a dip with. He looks horribly like a hammerhead shark. Except massive. And robotic. It’s up to Max and Lia to defeat him and restore harmony to the seas. But look at the size of those teeth…


  1. Aquora Under Attack
  2. Chakrol
  3. Hug of Death
  4. Hostage Situation
  5. Roger's Blackmail
  6. Challenging Chakrol
  7. At the Robobeast's Mercy
  8. Into the Maw
  9. A Sting in the Tail
  10. New Perils

Character AppearancesEdit

Major AppearancesEdit

Minor AppearanceEdit

  • Stinky 
  • Stretch
  • Niobe's clone

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