Crusher the Creeping Terror
Crusher book
Vital statistics
Author Adam Blade
Illustrator Justin Wyatt
Published on September 5, 2013
Published by Orchard Books
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Stinger the Sea Phantom Mangler the Dark Menace
Crusher the Creeping Terror is the third book of Series 2: The Cavern of Ghosts (and seventh book overall) of Sea QuestIt was published on September 5, 2013.


A new Sea Quest continues!

Far beneath the waves, Max's Quest grows ever more challenging as he encounters mythical sea creatures. Max must tackle Crusher the Creeping Terror, or the evil Professor and his Robobeast will ruin the precious Crystal Forest.


A brand new Sea Quest begins – sci-fi action fantasy gone ultra! Max’s Quest to defeat the evil Professor grows ever more dark and challenging. Mythical sea creatures have joined the battle; and far beneath the waves, Max must tackle Crusher the Creeping Terror. If he fails, the Robobeasts will destroy the precious Crystal Forest…


  1. The Black Box
  2. Grundle Music
  3. The Toll
  4. The Crystal Forest
  5. Crusher Awakes
  6. Trapped
  7. Max Fight's Back
  8. Driving Crusher
  9. Swallowed Alive

Character AppearancesEdit

Major Appearances

Minor AppearancesEdit

  • Grundle
  • Niobe (mentioned)
  • Mining Robots

Other Booksin the SeriesEdit

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