Jandor the Arctic Lizard is the fifth Special Bumper Edition of Sea Quest. Chronologically, it takes place after Series 6: Master of Aquora.

Blurb Edit

The wicked pirate Cora Blackheart is on the loose again, and this time she's stolen the precious Arms of Addulis from Sumara. In an icy region of the Delta Quadrant she frees a dangerous prehistoric beast from the ice - the terrifying Jandor! Can Max and Lia battle the beast among the icebergs, or will this frozen Sea Quest defeat the brave warriors?

Summary Edit

Brrr! Can you feel it getting chilly? The temperature is dropping - and it's more sinister than normal winter cold. In an icy tip of the Delta Quadrant, a creature of horror has awoken. A prehistoric Robobeast to freeze your blood! This deadly dinosaur has killer weapons on board. Plus the bitter Arctic cold on his side. Can Max and Lia brave the chill and send him packing? Wrap up very warm and join the fight!

Major Appearances Edit

  • Jandor
  • Max
  • Lia
  • Rivet
  • Spike
  • Cora Blackheart
  • Regulis
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