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Kraya is a Robobeast. He made his first appearance in Kraya the Blood Shark.

Appearance Edit

Kraya is a massive, blood-red shark. The exact species of shark he is based on is unknown, but it is more than likely a great white shark. He is stated by Max to be bigger than the X5000 Emperor Battlesub, the largest ship in the Aquoran navy. The Professor has augmented him with two large blaster cannons above his pectoral fins and two smaller ones closer to his tail. Wires, clasps and other such things are all clearly visible on Kraya. The control harness, housing the back part of the Skull of Thallos, is within his throat.

Strengths Edit

Kraya is the most poweful Robobeast Max encountered on his first adventure. He posesses great speed, quick reflexes and four blaster cannons. He is also able to take a good deal of pain, smashing through the reinforced glass of his dome and the Professor's viewing screen without showing any signs of pain. This also demonstrated great physical strength.

Weaknesses Edit

Kraya is not the most intelligent of beasts. He was completely unable to counter Max's tactic of hanging on to his blaster and continued chasing the Professor even when he threw away the Skull. Kraya, for some strange reason, is infatuated with the Skull of Thallos, and will do anything to claim it.

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