Vital statistics
Real name Lia
Alias(s) Princess Lia
Species Merryn
Age 12
Status Alive
Location Sumara
Physical description
Gender Female
Weight Unknown
Speed Fast
Hair color White
Eye color Blue
Relatives King Salinus, The Merryn
Mentor None
Affiliation None
Powers and abilities
Powers Aqua Powers
Weaknesses Air
Equipment Amphibio Mask
Production details
First appearance Cephalox the Cyber Squid
Lia is a Merryn princess, daughter of King Salinus and friend to Max.


Lia is a Princess of the Merryn people. Gifted with Aqua Powers, she saved Max's life and has become his loyal friend.


Merryn Princess gifted with Aqua Powers.


Lia is stubborn and always gets things her way!

Powers and Abilities 

Later on she is able to talk to/control sea creatures with her Aqua Powers.

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