Vital statistics
Real name Manak the Silent Predator
Alias(s) Manak
Species Stingray
Age 213
Status Alive
Location Ocean
Physical description
Hair color None
Eye color Black
Relatives Unknown
Mentor None
Powers and abilities
Powers Paralyse creates with its tail
Weaknesses Its tail can't fully reach its underbelly
Weapons His tail
Production details
First appearance Manak the Silent Predator
Manak is a silent stingray. He made his only appearance in Manak the Silent Predator.


Manak is a deadly giant stingray. This Robobeast stealthily cruises the ocean floor and uses its stinger to paralyse unsuspecting prey.

Manak has the beak bone from the Skull of Thallos.


Manak has a flat body with wing like flaps coming out. Its deadly stinger sticks out. Eyes at the corner of the head, in between the eyes are two bumps. Its underbelly white, and on top black. Some spikes come out near the flaps. 


Not much is known about Manak other than the fact that he was enslaved by The Professor.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

One swipe of his stinger and the poison will seep in and paralyse them. They will then eventually die.

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