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Max North
Vital statistics
Real name Max North
Alias(s) Max
Species Human (with Merryn Touch)
Age 12
Status Alive
Location Aquora/Sumara
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Relatives Niobe North (mother)

Callum North (father)

The Professor (uncle)

Lia (friend)

Rivet (pet dogbot)

Mentor None
Powers and abilities
Powers Breathing underwater as well as in air, technology.
Weaknesses His Friends
Equipment Aquabike, Dive Suit, Rivet
Production details
First appearance Cephalox the Cyber Squid

Max is the main protagonist and the hero of Sea QuestHe makes his first debut in Cephalox the Cyber Squid.


Max is the hero of Sea Quest. Gifted with the Merryn Touch and a brilliant understanding of technology, he is determined to stop The Professor's evil schemes.


On Planet Nemos Max is situated in Aquora. Max knows how to pilot subs. He has memorised many codes from his father the Head Defence Engineer of Aquora.


Max has blonde hair and a pair of goggles over his head. He wears a blue divesuit and a brown belt. He normally travels the ocean on his aquabike that he found.


Max loves adventures and sneaking around, he is also determined to find his parents.

Powers and Abilities

Max is able to breathe over water and under water as he was given the Merryn Touch by Lia. His senses are also much clearer and he can speak in the mysterious whistling language of the Merryn.


  • Niobe North: Niobe is Max's mother who went underwater when he was only two.
  • Callum North: Callum is Max's father. He is the Head Defence Engineer of Aquora.
  • RivetRivet is Max's very own dogbot that he created, he can speak a few simple phrases.
  • LiaLia is Max's best friend. They go adventuring together along with Rivet.
  • Ko: Ko is a Sea Ghost and also went adventuring with Max. He has no bones so he can squeeze himself throught the smallest of gaps.
  • RogerRoger is a pirate and wears an eyepatch.
  • The ProfessorThe Professor is Max's evil uncle and brother of Niobe. He creates Robobeasts in the wish to take over the oceans of Nemos.