Nephro the Ice Lobster
Nephro book
Vital statistics
Author Adam Blade
Illustrator Justin Wyatt
Published on March 6, 2014
Published by Orchard Books
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Tetrax the Swamp Crocodile Finaria the Savage Sea Snake
Nephro the Ice Lobster is the second book of Series 3: The Pride of Blackheart (and tenth book overall) of Sea QuestIt was published on March 6, 2014.


Evil threatens the seas of Planet Nemos...

Max and Lia travel to the frozen land of Arctiria, where they must tackle fiendish Nephro the Ice Lobster before Cora Blackheart's pirate crew takes control of the oceans. But could this dangerous world prove too deadly for our brave heroes?


These sci-fi RoboBeasts are our favourite kind of freaky. Adam Blade is the man. We think Sea Quest has all the ingredients of a perfect sci-fi series. Super-cool gadgets, robotic Beasts and it all happens in space. And now a pincered horror looms in the frozen wastes of Arctiria. Max and Lia must tackle fiendish Nephro the Ice Lobster and stop Cora Blackheart’s brutal pirate crew. Their enemies are deadly. But so is the cold. We’re shivering with anticipation.


  1. Chasing Blackheart
  2. Intruder Alert
  3. Dogfight
  4. Prison of Ice
  5. Polar Menace
  6. Unwelcome Visitors
  7. Arctiria Under Attack
  8. Battling the Robobeast
  9. Treachery
  10. Hard Choices

Character AppearancesEdit

Major AppearancesEdit

Minor AppearancesEdit

  • Cora Blackheart
  • Luminas
  • Jonah

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