Rekkar the Screeching Orca
Rekkar book
Vital statistics
Author Adam Blade
Illustrator Artful Doodlers
Published on September 4, 2014
Published by Orchard Books
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Chakrol the Ocean Hammer Tragg the Ice Bear
Rekkar the Screeching Orca is the first book of Series 4: The Lost Lagoon (and thirteenth book overall) of Sea Quest. It was published on September 4, 2014.

Synopsis Edit

What lies within the lost lagoon

Danger strikes once again for Max and Lia when they become trapped in the infamous Lost Lagoon. Legend tells that there's no escape - but could tackling another of Cora Blackheart's Robobeasts hold the key?


A jawful of massive razor teeth – with a sonic blaster mounted inside. Too right it’s a killer whale: this mutant orca is the ultimate enemy. Robobeasts have never been so deadly. If you think Max and Lia have had some hair-raising escapes so far, that’s nothing to what they’re about to face. They are trapped in the infamous Lost Lagoon. Legend tells that there’s no escape. But a horrifying Robobeast could offer a way out. (If it doesn’t tear them to shreds first.)


  1. The Leaping Dolphin Returns
  2. Tangled
  3. Bugs
  4. Cora's Return 
  5. No Escape
  6. The Lost Lagoon
  7. Underwater Expedition
  8. Into the Fire
  9. Rekkar's Revenge
  10. Freeing Rekkar

Character AppearancesEdit

Major Appearances Edit

  • Rekkar
  • Cora Blackheart
  • Niobe 
  • Max

Minor AppearancesEdit

Other Books in the SeriesEdit

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