Vital statistics
Real name Rivet
Alias(s) Riv
Species Dogbot
Age 5
Status Alive
Location Aquora/Sumara
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color None
Eye color Red
Relatives Max (creator/mentor)
Mentor Max
Powers and abilities
Powers Extra strong jaws, propellers etc.
Weaknesses someone changes the circuit, magnetism and electric shocks
Equipment Compartment
Production details
First appearance Cephalox the Cyber Squid
Rivet or Riv is Max's faithful dogbot.


Max 's faithful dogbot has a powerful bite and propellers to swim deep under the sea. Rivet follows Max into any adventure. He is a faithful companion to Max and his friends in Sea Quest.



Rivet was created by Max himself and was diseigned with metal jaws and propellers to swim. His propellers wewre so he could dive down and catch fish but now they come in handy for other things...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Rivet has many abilities, he can put all his energy into doing things. His glowing red eyes can be used as a light and his circuits can also be changed to 'aggresive mode'.
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