This is a list of Sea Quest books. There are 32 Robobeasts and 7 specials all published so far.

Sea Quest Series List

Series 1: Sea Quest

1. Cephalox The Cyber Squid

2. Silda The Electric Eel

3. Manak The Silent Predator

4. Kraya The Blood Shark

E1. Stengor The Crab Monster

Series 2: The Cavern of Ghosts

1. Shredder The Spider Droid

2. Stinger The Sea Phantom

3. Crusher The Creeping Terror

4. Mangler The Dark Menace

E2. Skalda The Soul Stealer

Series 3: The Pride of Blackheart

1. Tetrax The Swamp Crocodile

2. Nephro The Ice Lobster

3. Finaria The Savage Sea Snake

4. Chakrol The Ocean Hammer

E3. Drakkos The Ocean King

Series 4: The Lost Lagoon

1. Rekkar The Screeching Orca

2. Tragg The Ice Bear

3. Horvos The Horror Bird

4. Gubbix The Poison Fish

E4. Octor Monster of the Deep

Series 5: The Chaos Quadrant

1. Sythid The Spider Crab

2. Brux The Tusked Terror

3. Venor The Sea Scorpion

4. Monoth The Spiked Destroyer

E5. Jandor The Arctic Lizard

Series 6: Master of Aquora

1. Fliktor The Deadly Conqueror

2. Tengal The Savage Shark

3. Kull The Cave Crawler

4. Gulak The Gulper Eel

E6. Repta The Spiked Brute

Series 7: The Lost Starship

1. Veloth The Vampire Squid

2. Glendor The Stealthy Shadow

3. Mirroc The Goblin Shark

4. Blistra The Sea Dragon

E7. Hydror The Ocean Hunter

Series 8: The Lord of Illusion

1. Gort The Deadly Snatcher

2. Fangor The Crunching Giant

3. Shelka The Mighty Fortress

4. Loosejaw The Nightmare Fish

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