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Silda d.png
Vital statistics
Real name Silda the Electric Eel
Alias(s) Silda
Species Electric Eel
Age 194
Status Alive
Location Oceans
Physical description
Gender Unknown
Weight Unkown
Speed Fast
Strength Strong
Height Unknown
Hair color None
Eye color Black
Relatives Unknown
Mentor None
Powers and abilities
Powers Electrifies anyone who comes in contact with its flesh
Weaknesses Metal that is not a conductor electricity
Equipment Metal attachments
Weapons Saw
Production details
First appearance Silda the Electric Eel

Silda is an electric eel. He made his only appearance in Silda the Electric Eel.


A gigantic eel, Silda can electrify anyone who dares to come in contact with its deadly flesh. Combined with its robotic saw, Silda is a fearsome Robobeast.


Not much is known about Silda except for the fact that it was enslaved by The Professor.

Powers and Abilities

Anyone who comes in contact with him gets electrocuted unless they use a metal that is not an electricty conductor. His saw can grip people from behind.