Stengor the Crab Monster
Stengor book
Vital statistics
Author Adam Blade
Illustrator Justin Wyatt
Published on November 7, 2013
Published by Orchard Books
Publication order
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Series 1: Sea Quest Series 2: The Cavern of Ghosts
Stengor the Crab Monster is the first Special Bumper Edition of Sea QuestIt comes after Series 1: Sea Quest . There are two parts to the story.


A terrifying underwater foe lies in wait for Max...

Max's best friend, Lia, is gravely ill. If he can't find the healing Ice Kelp in the distant Cold Peaks, she'll die. But the evil Professor wants the kelp for himself, and has created a deadly new Robobeast to help him - Stengor the Crab Monster!


A bumper special from the new sci-fi series by the creator ofBeast Quest – with gadgets and evil Robobeasts!

Max’s best friend, Lia, is dying. The only thing that can save her is the legendary Ice Kelp, and it can only be found in the distant, dangerous Cold Peaks. Max is determined to save his friend, but there is another obstacle. The evil Professor also wants the healing kelp. He has even created a terrifying new Robobeast to get it. Now Max must contend with Stengor the Crab Monster in order to save Lia from mortal danger!


Story 1: The Ice KelpEdit

  1. A Deadly Wound
  2. The Moonglobe
  3. An Unexpected Companion
  4. A Nasty Surprise
  5. Crab Attack
  6. Slumberwhales to the Recue
  7. Rockfall

Story 2: Crab IslandEdit

  1. Take It or Leave It
  2. East or West
  3. Strange Inhabitants
  4. Huts on Legs
  5. Stengor Attacks
  6. Jungle Battle
  7. Too Late?
  8. Back to the Ocean

Character AppearancesEdit

Major Appearances

Minor AppearancesEdit

  • King Salinus
  • Tarla the Healer
  • Slumberwhales
  • Guards
  • Advisors
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