Tetrax the Swamp Crocodile
Tetrax book
Vital statistics
Author Adam Blade
Illustrator Justin Wyatt
Published on March 6, 2014
Published by Orchard Books
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Mangler the Dark Menace Nephro the Ice Lobster
Tetrax the Swamp Crocodile is the first book of Series 3: The Pride of Blackheart (and ninth book overall) of Sea Quest. It was published on March 6, 2014.


The Delta Quadrant Alliance is under attack!

A new terror has struck Planet Nemos - wicked pirate Cora Blackheart and her crew! Worse, still, Cora is working with the evil Professor and his terrifying Robobeasts... Can Max and Lia stop them?


We reckon – whisper it – that this series might be even more awesome than Beast Quest. After all, it has super-cool gadgets, the Beasts are robotic and it happens on another planet. Now a new terror has struck Planet Nemos – wicked pirate Cora Blackheart and her crew. Worse still, Cora is in league with the evil Professor and his mutant Robobeasts. Now Max and Lia must stop the pirates from unlocking a deadly weapon and seizing power. Almost too exciting to bear. (But not quite.)


  1. The Awakening
  2. The Pride of Blackheart
  3. An Old Enemy 
  4. The Kraken's Eye
  5. Attack of the Giant Octopus
  6. Journey to the Jungle
  7. The Swamp Monster
  8. The Jaws of Death
  9. The Secret City

Character AppearancesEdit

Major ApearancesEdit

Minor AppearancesEdit

  • Other Pirates
  • Verdulans
  • Ko
  • Giant Octopus

Other Books in the SeriesEdit

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