The Professor
SQ TheProfessor
Vital statistics
Real name Dedrick
Alias(s) The Professor
Species Human with Merryn Touch
Age 55
Status Alive
Location the ocean
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Grey
Eye color Black
Relatives Max North, Niobe North
Mentor None
Powers and abilities
Powers Robotics
Weaknesses Once he loses his beast
Production details
First appearance Kraya the Blood Shark
The Professor or Dedrick is Max's evil uncle. He wants to take control of nature and the oceans.


Enemy of the Merryn and bent upon ruling the oceans with his Robobeasts, the Professor is Max's nemesis.


The Professor also known as Dedrick was Niobe North's brother and Max 's uncle. When Niobe and Dedrick got trapped in a sea vessel. They both got saved by the Merryn. Dedrick then became evil and wanted to rule the oceans of Nemos and strated to create Robobeasts.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Max he can also breathe in and out of water like an amphibian. Very good at technology as he created magnificent Robobeasts.

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